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An inspirational, passionate, curious corporate read for Canon informing the viewer of the company's history and current mission narrated by Bethan Dixon Bate.

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How do you spark creative spirit, ignite the imagination, inspire innovation. Drawing on an 80-year history of breakthrough technology. Today's cannon pushes the boundaries of what's possible. Creating technology for new frontiers is firmly embedded in Canon's corporate DNA. From humble beginnings in 1937, the company that came to be known as canon set the standard for optics and innovation in the eight decades that have followed, the company has continued to evolve. Now, Cannon develops and manufactures world leading technologies and serves as a valuable partner, providing solutions service and support for the evolution of consumer professional office, industrial and medical markets. These are truly extraordinary times to make this incredible journey together. Now is the time to seek new challenges, share new discoveries and venture into new creative frontiers. Cannon see the impossible.