Character: The DEMI-Vampire

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My talents can take the lead in any animated, radio, television, or any role! I hope you enjoy a truly unique Vampire I had the pleasure to narrate.

Whether it is the chill Gen Y'er, the edgy Gen X fella or the all-american guy next door, This demo has something to offer for just about any project... including yours! Featured styles: believable, amusing, upbeat, conversational, guy next door, approachable, edgy, authoritative, hard-sell, soft sell, cowboy, Southern American, inspirational, inspired and motivational.

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Voice Age

Teen (13-17)


British (England - East Midlands, Leicester) North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM)


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we'll try to catch me. I'm faster than I look. Oh, the vampire is catching up. Not to worry. I always have a backup plan. Sorry. Did I go through that wall? I always forget. You can't fly through solid things. Such a shame. Vampires are so limited. Let's show the whole human world how loveable you are. A dog vampire seeks non squeamish human for best friend for evidence. Who could say no toe that I mean, look at that face. So blue, so lifeless, so perfect. Who wouldn't love you? Not me. Look, Aggregor He has a face Only a mother would love. A really, really, really nice, generous mother who was probably on some sort of sedation at the time with bad eyesight. But you ve they'll be lucky to call you friend. So, Ed, you're hanging out So human. Ha ha! I've been seen, I've been seen. If only I could disappear. I'll wait. I can disappear. But I didn't know it's too late. Upper, the upper the up wake up, screaming head And your first day of school. Oh ho! We got to get you a perfect first day of human school outfit about these studios yet? Adorable. Our dogs approved. Now hurry or your dad will make you wear the fuzzy kid and sweater it. So the eighties, the 18 eighties, that is She's home. These home. Oh, is it true? I hope it's true. Are we having a sleepover? Oh, please, Please, please, please say yes. Can we play? Dress up? Oh, and have a pillow party and giggle at the dancing skeletons own. I love. Really? When do I get the brain? Someone tear. I'll have a dad's funny Or maybe pillow fight. What the What now? Why would I hide in the closet? I thought Poppy was okay with you being a vampire. Abnormally, huh? I always act normal. Just pretend you can't see me. He lets ghost humor he. What's the problem, Wolf? He only becomes a big scary Where wolf after the sun sets during a full moon. Which it is. Oh, no, I see the problem. B J Shroff