Song with narrative, with an example of different characters Ive made.

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This was a story I came up with, its about a man arguing with his inner demons, and coming into his own.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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please be you attention to me and attention to. That's for being funny. Ain't dumb *** over here. Oh yeah. You're real big and scary. Mm hmm. Beach and the **** up Lana. Who are you to say? What? I can't, I can't do you ******* know me. I can do anything. I put my ************* mind to, I feel dead buried alive. So my, my toes cookies track buried in my mind. Don't worry though. I don't mind. I'm just going crazy every other day trying to figure out what's wrong with my ******* brain. Huh? What's wrong? Are you there? I thought I lost you for a second. I don't care. I don't really mind. I'm just speaking words into mine. Not really knowing what they mean is in my head and always young. I mean too many thoughts. I always serve but never finished anything. So here we go with this back again. What's the definition of insanity? Who really cares? I don't have time. I got to live live for the boy who lost his life. Never met but we connect share his name. Don't go by. You're an optimist but negative. The only one the only me. I'm nothing and everything. Are you amused? I guess we'll see I'm projects. It's nice to finally managed to. That's a stupid name. Where were we when the kids picking out his name? We could have came up with something better