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Hey, I offered you some nub rat. Everyone. Listen, this device will allow us to go back in time and stop the Cataclysm. And why would I do that? Because you're horribly disfigured. Abo boils. What was that piece of moldy board pulled out of Satan's ***. The thing is disintegrated in front of our eyes cliff who parks a boat on a cliff, Mike. We were just freaking celebrating the Stanley Cup championship with the Devils. We're part of history. Ok. Let's get down to business. Watch out. These beats are coming at you fast. There's only one way to destroy them swiping. Hey guys, do you know something about that? Scary tail chat? It seems to me that someone's just joking and wants to scare us. I don't when that Bozo go shut up. I, I, I mean, there you are. And I told you to stop calling me mop Top. I'm Aaron first born to Ivan, the chief of Tyrannis and I may have 20 years, but I'm only half a on my mom's side, on my dad's, I'm Arcadian Troy. Really introducing live link between Snap trude and rev, upload your B model from REV. It into snap without any data loss, share the project with the rest of your team in a single click and work collaboratively using the brainstorm mode.