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All right, let's bring it back to the early two thousands with sonic Adventure DX Director's cut for the Nintendo Gamecube. Everyone might be asking themselves, oh shoot, why are you covering the re master slash remake? Not the original because in cuba superior. I mean the main reason why I'm covering this is my first game is because I mean it's my favorite game, you know, that's what, that's what video game people do when they make a Youtube channel. So to cover it, I'm gonna cover it on the council that I played it on, not what everyone else played it on. Even though I feel like the majority of the people really played it on this console. I mean shoot, this is the game that really got me into games. Every time I see any sort of promotional like material the game itself on my YouTube feed, Instagram anything. Do I get the most giant nostalgia ***** out there? What do we expect from a game that came out in 19 whatever may for the Dreamcast Zegas last home console. But anyhoo let's get into the meat and potatoes when it comes to sonic adventure dX director's cut this story, it was sonics first three D. Game, you know the developers and story writers and everything and they were like what the **** are you gonna do? Well I'm gonna tell you what to do. It's sonics first bow into this three D. World. God thank you gigi, you're going to build a world around it and revolve your story around that world. And what did Sega do? Did a complete 1 80? They said let's focus on the characters and what you can do around this world. And your average game developer head you might think oh that's pretty smart, you know one big world but multiple characters could interact with it, that's getting more into gameplay. So we'll talk about that a little bit later. But the story basically revolves around the main story and everybody's input being involved into it. We start off with the main you know steak, the big O. T. Bone of the dinner and that santic sonic the hedgehog and you know he does his usual thing blah blah blah save the world, giant water monster. And you know I mean his side of the story collides with other characters side of the story interrupting his side of the story. You know you gotta go save amy, you gotta go hope tells, you gotta go fight knuckles just so much. Uh you know Eggman creates this water creature right? And he's like programmed to like become more powerful with each and every Chaos Emerald classic stuff. But I mean that's the general sonic formula. You find this Chaos Emeralds either bad or good guy, you know, they create this bigger thing because of the power and they began to destroy the city and you know, you save them. That's a sonic story and you know, depending on how the developers or the story writers or whatever determined to put their own twist on it. I mean that's just how it is. Did they copy dragon ball? I don't know the Dragonball copy them maybe, but that's not our problem. It's sonic eventually good story. Um I think it's a unique story, you know, new villain, new. I mean I wouldn't necessarily say new atmosphere but we'll get into that later, but you know, it's just more, I'm going to do my daily business things. Water monster attacks, That sonic adventure story wrapped up into a little cute bow. The gameplay. If I were to describe sonic adventures game playing to one sentence, I wouldn't even need that sentence because the only two words is sonic stages. These are the reason why people love the adventure series so much. Well I mean at least the main reason you know it's exactly how you would imagine a two D. Sonic to become three D. You know you see a whole bunch of the world around you. It's no longer just a platformer. Well I mean under the category it is but the actual game isn't in a weird way when it comes to three D. Games fully making their jump from two D. It's almost like whole new world series, a whole new everything. I mean people had models of sonic back then and everything but it wasn't necessarily what they would think three D. Sonic would look like. But because of that decision and because it was made into a three D. game they had to change everything. The way you attack people was different, the way you you're zooming down a freaking stage was different and I feel like that's what second new, what's going to happen. That's what they originally thought. Okay if we know everything is going to be different, let's make it as different as can be. So what did they decide to do? Let's make what six different playable characters with their own play styles. Well for the most part for those people who want to declare sonic and toasting is the same. I differ but whatever we already established sonic but then you have tails which would raise sonic to get the chaos emerald and then you have knuckles which would have you treasure hunting to collect some chaos emerald parts. Amy saving your whole bird Freddie Mac Deng's E. Omega shooting go, pew, Pew, let's give sonic a gun. But let's not give sonic a gun. Type of ideal place, style and big. We don't talk about big. I mean he is pretty hot though. And through the whole journey, you see yourself just upgrading your arsenal, doing better things with what you have at that moment. Sonic has a bracelet that makes a spin dash charge thing. Power up faster, tells has an amulet that makes his tail. Spinny things go forever and ever Knuckles is so iced up and geared, you know that he literally wears like 20 tons of jewelry and cosmetic items. But uh that's what made sonic adventures game please. So good vision, audio aesthetics. Okay, it was so next first 3D game. Let's not give it crap. It's what 2001 when it was remastered. So the 1990s version looked way worse on the dreamcast. All I have to say is that they improved a crap load on the gamecube version visual was. I mean I'm pretty sure all the sounds and everything that was recorded stayed the same but I'm not gonna give it too much crap on its graphic side of things. But what I am going to give a crap on is it's freaking voice animation. Oh my God, why do their mouths move like that? Like I understand. I get it. I mean they were working with the japanese audio and what they did for us. They didn't have to I completely understand. But oh my God, is it horrible? It's worried already. So like what like I said I'm just I'm just not going to give a crap for its graphics. But let me tell you something about that audio baby and no, I'm not talking about the voice acting, especially the reaction that I just gave off. I'm talking about The soundtrack. Let me put you all on some crush. 40. Oh my God, if there was one band to describe or to demonstrate video game music, It would be crushed. 40, Jesus from the opening intro. It just makes you want to freaking put your head up in your booty *** start shaking because you're groovy all over them, jiggly thighs. Like I'm not even sure if I'm allowed to, you know, sing any of their music, but they're just that good. If you haven't listened to them, give them a listen to um like they're just so magical on top of that. I mean you have your classic cartoon noises when you're actually in game, when you hit enemies when you jump the and when you collected, Sorry about that, when you collect the rings and it goes it's all, you know, your standard sonic stuff. The sound department could have been hard for making a three D. Game, right? I mean technically speaking you could just use like two D. Game sounds in a three D. Environment, right? But you know I mean I guess that's all you have to talk about video game and. Uh huh. The game was Mhm. Let's let's make this clear guys. Alright, this remake was remastered or whatever you want to freaking describe it as It was. It was re put on the gamecube. Alright, 2000, early 2000s. And as much as you want to say anything, you know, Sega did lose the video game council or whatever they started developing for third companies. And I'm not I mean first party company. Sorry about that a lot. So I mean let's let's just give him the benefit of the doubt. Er Yeah. yeah, because that all we can say for the era. Thank you guys for tuning in and listening this first what uh, review slash experience of, you know, our first game. I mean, I can't really say anything else, but I mean, I'm going to try to pump up more stuff whenever I feel the need to. I I know it takes me like, what, an hour to two hours to make these recordings, and it takes dog threat around like two weeks. But I mean, we each put our pardon? You know, please please share this for the love of all where