\"Bastions of Blood - Kremlins, Vol 2\" by K.L. Conger



Dark & often graphically violent material is sensitively delivered by Cathy Burnham Martin, who narrated & produced this 12-hr audiobook set in the reign of Ivan the Terrible. Reviews note her engaging, emotional delivery, & integrity with Russian & British accents, plus male & female characters.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


British (General) North American (US General American - GenAM) Russian


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Chapter Two. Anything you could tell me about that day would be a blessing, Tara said, standing outside a small servants entrance. A dark haired woman called lilia gazed up at him from beneath a long dark lashes. She struck him as the kind of woman who had a plain appearance because she had been a servant all her life. If she had lived a life of luxury, she would be stunning, plump and roughly Nicholas age. Gray streaks peppered her dark hair. It made her look distinguished. Matron lee, even her nose was crooked as though it had been broken at some point common among servants. But it didn't mar her beauty. Lilia chewed her bottom lip in thought. And what makes you think, my lords that I would know anything of this Terrace shared a look with Nikolai. She sounded nervous and had every right to. It's complicated, I'm afraid, Taras said, making his voice as gentle as possible. An old woman who remembered the incident said you were on duty at the palace when it happened. Only she couldn't remember your name. She said she would ask her daughter. Then she died before telling us paris left out the fact that the old woman's brutal murder most likely happened because she spoke with him in the first place. We had to track down her daughter no easy task, I assure you. He smiled in what he hoped was a friendly fashion. Lilia didn't smile back, and she told us where to find you lilies expression didn't change. If anything, she appeared more worried. After several seconds of silence, Nikolai stepped forward. He took the fox fur shop off his head and ran a hand through his white blond hair. The wrinkles around his eyes softened as his face took on a compassionate look. Please, Lady, he said gently. You are in no trouble. This is a personal matter for my friend, Lord. Tara's here. He motioned to terrace without looking at him. Lilia glanced up at Nikolai warily. She hadn't wanted to speak to Tara's and Nikolai and cast terrified looks about like a frightened animal when she realized they were looking for her. A pang of guilt laced through Tara's chest at frightening the woman so. But he desperately needed the information. She had no one need know. We spoke with you, Nikolai said quietly. We have no reason to tell anyone. Another moment passed before Lillian nodded slowly at first, and then more quickly, Talus marveled. Nikolai possessed a power of persuasion. He admired an easy compassion that made people trust him. Lilia addressed Harris when she spoke. I can see my Lord that you crave answers. I do not think I can give them. I remember the incident. You speak of your mother. I was on duty in the palace when it happened, but did not see the injury myself. An old woman came upon the accident and hurried to the palace for aid. She took some men to your mother's location. The man brought her back. I ministered to her condition when she arrived by then. It was too late to save her Madison noted, suppressing a sigh. Lilia appeared to be another dead end. This old woman, Do you know who she was, Lillian hesitated. I do, my Lord. But I don't think you will get any more information from her than you've gotten from me. Let us worry about that, Nikolai said, lily's eyes flew open wide and she ducked her head. I'm sorry. I don't know where to find her, she said it so quickly. The lie was obvious. She must have imagined some threat in Nichole's statement. Nikolai opened his mouth to speak again. Terrace put a hand on his friend's arm and stepped forward, himself, taking lily's hand. Her gaze jerked up to his face, eyes wide with shock. Boyars did not often take the hands of serving women, please, he said quietly, looking her straight in the eye. This is very important to me, this woman. We won't cause her any trouble. You have my word, lilia swallowed, looking down at where he held her hand. All she's had is trouble, my Lord. All her life. What do you mean? Lilia glanced nervously from side to side, then jerked her head toward the servants entrance, silently, bidding them to come with her