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In many cases the medicine of the future is still being tested with the same clinical trial infrastructure used in the 1990s. Technology has evolved. So why having clinical trials secure digital technology has the potential to improve, enhance and in some cases reinvent the way clinical trials are conducted. Astral and Kite are two pivotal phase three trials that compared the efficacy and safety of uses a mob with a flipper cept. In patients with diabetic macular edema or DME 52 week data from uses a mob three mg or six mg arms were compared with a flavor sep two mg arm in the castrol study and uses a mob six mg arm was compared with the a flipper sep two mg arm in the kite study high. In this training video, we'll walk you through the process of preparing a sample from a finger *****. Please note for fingerprint collection. The capillary blood draw should take place immediately before a scan and the patient should be in close proximity to the device. The rotator cuff is a group of four tendons. The super spin Ettus, infra spinedace, terrace minor and sub scapular carries. These tendons connect the muscles that originate from the shoulder blade onto the human head or ball