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A mix of various characters for animation or video games. I enjoy inventing characters, so I wrote most of the script vignettes myself with feedback from my sound editor.

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Young Adult (18-35)


British (Received Pronunciation - RP, BBC) Russian Scottish (General)


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You will need help soon against that darkness coming for you and I could help you. Do you know its weakness? If you did, you could defeat it. Maybe little one. Maybe I could tell you how when I see it coming and it will come close. If you stay, if you do not want the dark to catch you, you must run and run and keep running and still it will always follow. Would you like to know its one weakness? Wait, did you try to tell me while I was watching TV? You know, I can't pay attention while I'm watching my soaps? Come on. I have to know what happens to Alejandro. You know, I think we're a wee bit lost. Either all the neighborhoods are exactly the same or that's the same post office we saw 30 minutes ago. What are we going to do? Hey, uh, be careful. I know people like her from back in the day. Cold eyes, colder heart, you know, just, just want your back. She won't be as forgiving if you mess it up. Lieutenant, I've decided to increase the work shifts by half. Inform the crews and revise our time to completion. I do not need to remind you that we are behind schedule and our master demands. We complete this immediately. I have no desire to feel his displeasure. I want the revised timetables by tonight.