VIDEO GAME DEMO - Bad-ass, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Punk black market dealer, Mad Scientist villain, Warrior Dwarf, Man on the run, Thief sidekick



This demo showcases 7 radically different characters and archetypes in the video game genre.
From AI gone rogue to take no prisoners bad-ass, to cyber punk black market dealer to evil mad scientist and other things in between!

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General) Spanish (General)


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first thing they do is freeze, like always the number ones. A freebie. You any real emotional strength? Compulsive, Addictive, given to crippling attacks of anxiety and depression. That's our evaluation of you, Adam. You are no hero. You must be this good. Good. But unfortunately for you, my Augmentor, amigo. Right place. Wrong time. There's a bounty on that shiny carries of yours. Sorry. Um, you I really need those credits. Plus, I could really use those aftermarket parts of yours, muchachos, at least. Okay, you got this? I got it. That it isn't. Come on, you piece ish. No. Are you crazy? It's a mommy. Who That shiny. Okay, just a little further. And there we go. I'm sorry, but you don't eat it. I mean, if you're already dead, I'd rather we get lucky hunting this mental math, reading, snapper speaking a wage. Just So are we walking through book that had taken the hall You breezy around? Yeah. Who? You morons. You knuckle dragging Neanderthals. That last perfect cocktail you allowed me to mix contained a hidden pre program shape shifting knowledge. Feel I designed Hi. I just drank a 24 hour superpower serum. You idiots