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This isn't my best recording but my most recent as I just created it a few days ago. This one also has video of me walking potential clients through a product demonstration. I didn't have much time to create this one so you can sort of tell i'm reading a script in certain portions of the audio.

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Hey, guys, I'm c J Harris and I run our solutions engineering team for useful net. Today I'm gonna make a short video to show how our technology helps digital businesses to ensure support for people with disabilities really in a fast and scalable way and without a big distraction or disruption from your existing process of design, development and test. Um, a big part of how we do that is aqua or a Q A, um are accessibility testing platform built for enterprise development and testing teams? Um, they typically use a tool like or a platform like aqua to validate accessibility as they work and without having to rely on slow and expensive consultants. Parts of Aqua are also great for your marketing or business teams, who typically make a lot of content changes pretty frequently on your on your site. Um, also also has a really powerful set of AP eyes that are available that really allow your teams or our teams to build enterprise grade integrations with their existing tools. But today I'm gonna specifically focus on our Jura integration or the awkward your integration. Um, and this works with all versions of Jura, um as you can see on the screen. Um, when tests were run through awkward, we capture the dom and the screens for really every step of any user journey. Um, as you you're going through, you have a lot of options to filter by the issues. Um, when you actually click into the issues, it's going to highlight where those issues are in the page. Um, it's also going to give a description on how to fix that issue, Why it's an issue. Um, we also have comments that are very specific to the framework that you're using, Um, and how to fix an issue like that of in the way we do. This is very important because your teams aren't having to waste time replicating the tests that were run because everything side, side by side on the screens. Um, So if I just use a this example, I'll show you how the juror integration would work. So you see, as I click on that, um, it comes up, it's it's already tied to the correct You're buying that you wanted to be, um, and you by default. It's gonna pull the description of the issue into the Jura summary but you have a lot of options. You can change these. You can change the priority you can change through its assigned to also noticed that it's going to have the euro of this exact issue. So, um actually let me just created and I control you eso on the other end of that, when somebody on your side dev team is looking at an issue within Jura, it's gonna have that euro that will bring them right back to that issue within our aqua platform and again how to fix it. Um And then you also noticed that, uh, it's it's really a two way street. So as I go through and update the status or change something, um, it's going Teoh, um, automatically reflect that on the other end with an aqua. So I can't do that as well, so you can see it. Zen ready for review state, which is where I left it with injera. Eso Yeah, I wanted to keep this short, but happy to have a follow up demo in more detail to go through the GRN aggression or any other of our integrations or how our local platform works in general. Thank you very much.