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Mandated Reporter content in the world of child welfare; Introduction, Highlights, and Closure

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online training ethics of being a mandated reporter when personal and professional ethics collide. Overview. This interactive training will help people confront their bias and determine their obligation to the child, regardless of personal beliefs. This training will help mandated reporters address their own internal conflict so that they might act to protect a child while remaining on the safety plan. Learning objective participants will learn how to distinguish between their legal, ethical and personal obligations as a mandated reporter. Federal standards for mandated reporters are established through Federal Child Abuse and Prevention Treatment Act, also known as Capta. The duty of child welfare is to protect when the family cannot the goals of child welfare, our safety well being and permanency tip. Always remember the key word for mandated reporters is suspicion. Tip. One must distinguish your responsibility to the child and the child's experience of harm rather than the parental intent. Please note Human trafficking and sex trafficking of a minor is now a child welfare issue. Given recent passage of federal legislation enclosure, we believe Children and mandated reporters are a vital part of the child welfare's ecosystem. For more information, please visit child welfare dot gov