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You don't need to remember me. This isn't about you. It's about me and what you did to me. But unlike you, I'm a fair woman. So for every one of my family you took, I'm going to take £1 of flesh. Consider us even strange. It seems our records are out of date. Computer update the codex on the denizens of earth. They have much less hair. Now. You're not listening. I didn't need tutors or doctors or new friends. I needed a mom. And if you had ever been a good one, you'd know that the path beyond is not for your kind to tread. Leave this place while you're still able a darkness sleeps in these woods. And it hunts those foolish enough to venture in your early projections. Had your company in the black for the next few years. But it turns out that number was off by about five or six zeros. Give or take. What are you going freak? I swear it's bad enough. We have to share the same air, but now you're trying to invade my personal space road and also gross. Oh yeah, it's easy. Well, I mean it looks easy in the book, which I read a lot like four times cover to cover. So yeah, I got this call to Oh no, everybody run