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English recording of stoic, powerful characters in various tonal situations.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM)


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the world is about to change and we can make sure it changes for the better. When wicked forces are coming for you, I will help you. I can save you, but you need to trust me. I know what these beasts can do, and I have defeated them before. Let me train you. And together we will rid the world of this evil. We will gather an army and take the fight to them. But on our terms, let us ride together as brothers in arms and show the world that good can triumph over evil. Your trust in me will not be for nothing. The clouds are lifting and bright days are ahead for us all. Hello, Corvo! The empress is dead. Her previous daughter Emily is lost somewhere in the city. I am the outsider and in the coming days you will play a pivotal role. This is my mark and I have drawn you into the void. Your life has taken a turn for sure there are forces beyond and in this world they will now serve your will. Men call this force Magic! Use my gift to you and come find me how you use what I have given you falls upon you as it has to the others before you. And now I return you to your world. But know that I will be watching with great interest. I have dedicated most of my life in the pursuit of knowledge and have used that knowledge to guard this world. People respect me and greet me with a smile and not a single soul doubts my dedication. But still there are things even I don't understand. I have witnessed that darkness sleeps in every heart. It does not matter how pure one's heart is. Darkness can start even from the smallest drop, spread and eventually swallow the heart. Darkness! Darkness of the heart. How was it born?