Natural Russian Accent by Dimitry Rozental (Variations)

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Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)




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Russia has one of the greatest literary traditions in the world. We saw an opportunity to celebrate that tradition by staging a life continuous online reading off Tolstoy's classic novel on the Carina as it is my first management assignment, I need to learn how to lead my team to ensures it. Everything I do is a manager isn't line with company procedures. May the chill of this winter reach only our glasses, two full glasses, heavy wallets and light hearts. So, Doctor, when do we know that the guest kicks in? Doctor, shouldn't we informs the general about this change in their behavior? Um, police turn off the burner. I can't give a customer alfredo sauce with no cream. Then I waas, senior agent in KGB. During Cold War, I was expected to kill anyone who disagreed with Soviet government. What glorious deeds await me today? Pride and honor has faltered in this world. After a year in the field, scouting is instructed. It has been determined the defense ability off the mass transit transcontinental railroad project can be completed without the high concentration off military support