2023 Animation Character Demo

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This was directed by Arianna Ratner and produced by Real Voice LA in January, 2023.

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someday, ninja someday I will defeat you and then we will rule this town with an iron fist. Oh my fist, I broke it. Somebody get me some ice. Oh, excuse me. Oh boy, those are some nice fangs. I mean ma'am, I'm just going to run away, You scalawags. Stay out of my way. Don't need no partners. I'm used to working alone so as I keep all the riches for myself and they're off, we've got some great contestants in this year's sluggish stroll marathon. There's tortoise teddy in the lead and Sami slaughter coming up behind and wow! Are they exceptionally slow? Hello Miss Mr cactus wanna be my friend. Oh no need to be prickly. We are the elite of the ocean, the cream of the coastline. The best on the beach. Now drop and give me 20 flipper flaps on the double. I'll just flip this switch and send one million giga jewels of power coursing through the body. Oh my life's work is complete and the monster is alive. You see giants are very misunderstood. We only eat people when they trespass the rest of the time. I'm actually vegan