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Samples of a few literary characters.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


British (England - East Anglia, Cambridge, Hertfordshire) North American (General) North American (US Western)


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I was born a yellow pup, Date locality, pedigree and weight unknown the first thing I can recollect an old woman had me in a basket at Broadway in 23rd trying to sell me to a fat lady. Did you ever have a £200 woman breathing a flavor of camembert cheese and peau de espana. Pick you up and wallop her nose all over you, remarking all the time in Emma Eames tone of voice. Oh! Betty with the school comes from a pedigreed yellow pup. I grew up to be an anonymous yellow cur, looking like a cross between an angora cat and a box of lemons. But you bet he's awful dead now, poor boy! And I wish I'd never seen this day. I don't want no better friend than buck Fanshawe. I knowed him by the back, and when I know a man like him, I freeze to him. You hear me take him all around part. There never was a bully, our man in the minds. No man ever knowed buck Fanshawe to go back on a friend, but it's all up now, you know, It's all up. That ain't no use. We've got to give him up! Yes, indeed. It's kind of a hard world after all, ain't it apart? He was a rustler. You ought to see him get started once he was a bully boy with a glass. I just spit in his face and give him room according to his strength, and it was just beautiful to see him peel and go in. He was the worst son of a thief that ever. Drawed breath. I like a fellow who sticks up for his friends and I'm sure the dragon has his good points if he's got a friend like you. But that's not the question. All this evening I've been listening with grief and anguish unspeakable to tales of murder, theft and wrong, rather too highly colored. Perhaps not always quite convincing, but forming in the main a most serious role of crime. History teaches us that the greatest rascals often possess all the domestic virtues. And I fear that your cultivated friend, in spite of the qualities which have won and rightly your regard has got to be speedily exterminated. Know all men by these presents that Ramsey Bill Breault and his wife, Aurelia Bill bro, this day personally appeared before me and promises that here and after they will neither love honor nor obey each other. Neither for better nor worse being of sound, mind and body, and accept summons for DeVos according to the peace and dignity of the state. Here in fail. Not so help you, God been agile, whip up Justice of the peace in and for the county of Piedmont state of Tennessee