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Be it an overexcited researcher, a doting grandmother, or an evil queen, I'd love to be involved in your next project!

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North American (General)


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So the other day she asked, you know what? She asked me, she asked me to watch a puppy Oscar I say, Sure. I mean, how bad could it be watching? Innocent homeless little cute puppy. Right, right, wrong. It was a nightmare if there ever was one. Look at me, do you think the bags under my eyes? I look horrible? You know, I don't even care that you called me a failure. It was what was behind it that hurt me the most. I felt it all. It stayed with me all these years because I learned to like it. I enjoy the burn. I've got you now Lenny. I'm gonna be the only one in your life for the rest of our days. So either marry me tonight or you won't marry anyone. I'll make sure of that today. We're going to explore all the planets in our solar system and some other places as well. We travel into the future, grab your oxygen, put on your seat bone and let's blast off the stone is what I'm here for. You know, it's rightfully mine. You don't know what kind of power that stone holds only. I can always a true potential. Oh, you poor dear. Why? Whatever is the matter. Oh my Well, you know what they say. You're big on tomorrow. I believe darkness sleeps in every heart. No matter how pure if I am to rule this world, I must learn how to control it. Wou you bought your worms. You got stacks of old newspapers and cardboard boxes ready? You have a five gallon bucket or two with those questionably drilled into them. You're ready Start worm composting or are you?