Narrative Demo - Corporate Trainings, Informational and Educational, PSA

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This demo showcases narrative type work like explainer videos, corporate trainings, informational and educational content, and public service announcements.

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congratulations on choosing mutual home life as the place to start your new career way. Hope that you'll come to think of us as a family and not just a employer. We've made every effort to ensure your transition toe. Working here is a smooth one. Some of the benefits you'll receive as a member of the Mutual Home Life family include medical coverage, vacation time flex K and on site childcare facility Selcuk Gnosis. The process of hypnotizing oneself can be a very effective tool for obtaining a deep state of relaxation. Though there are some similarities between self hypnosis and meditation, affirmations are often used as part of the self hypnosis process. A deep state of relaxation can be obtained without the use of affirmation. Now that you know you're pregnant, why not take a few minutes to schedule your first prenatal care meeting? You learn a lot of disappointment about changes in lifestyle, food consumption and exercise routines that can improve the health of your baby. In addition, this meeting will address some risks, such as smoking, travel and prescription medication. This nine day excursion through Italy will take you to all of the country's most famous and fascinating landmarks. In addition to the wine tastings and sightseeing, will visit the Roman catacombs and also take a special trip to visit the Vatican and Vatican City will turn Florence by train and take day trips through the ruins of Pompeii and the island of Capri. Hi, I'm Francesca Bianco. Thank you for listening.