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Various cartoon character voices in different roles

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Child (5-12)


British (General) French (General) South African (General)


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Goldie, stop reading that trash rain. Whoever heard of a cranberry raising it? I bet this new fruit doesn't even exist. Oh, for fruits sake, She Israel. Wow! Even though he's rich, he's still a dirty slob like us. Oh, you are so Oh, what the van has already loaded on the boat on the boats already left. Well, then, never mind. Foresight. Grab a pair of EMFs and pull the car around. We're rescuing a Bentley. Did you happen to see a circus train pass by? Yea, long. Yea. Tall, fabulous paint job. I know. I'll meet him halfway and surprise him. Hold onto your cargo, Larry. Time to meet the new spontaneous Tilly drain. But first I have to sleep. Mhm. One drug in tongue three gold. Newt's happy Halloween. Dude, that house was awesome. I'm always picked last for every team, and it really hurts my feelings. So we were driving back from Atlantic City and I saw this girl with great tomatoes. You clever little minx! Just when I thought I had you all figured out, you have bean very, very naughty.