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Welcome to an introduction to the metallic JI market sector. Click launch to start the module, Please take some time to familiarise yourself with our confidentiality statement. When ready, click the red button. Handling complaining or angry customers is not easy. It requires skill and lots of practise. This model is divided into three topics that will help you deal with complaining and angry customers. Each topic presents a situation where our employees have experienced a complaining, angry or abusive customer. At some point during their daily work, click next to continue. Now that you know what electricity is, let's move on to learn about the three basic terms related to electricity, voltage resistance and current. Here is a simple schematic that will help you understand each of the basic terms in a better way. Click each aspect to learn more. There are 12 questions in this assessment. For each question, please choose the best answer and select Submit. At the end of the assessment, your school will be displayed. You must obtain a school off 80% or higher in order to pass select. Start to begin the assessment. All the best. Here's your score for the assessment. Congratulations you have successfully completed this course, you have not passed the assessment. Select the review assessment button to review your answer choices and select the Retake assessment button to try again.