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An e-learning and explainer demo with a transatlantic accent covering Marriott hotel changes, Kellogg new employee orientation, tax compliance for HSBC and information on users completing an interactive learning computer course.

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Hello there. You might have noticed that we're making some changes to the way our Marriott hotels look and feel. Our guests have told us they want a more modern experience with rooms and services designed around the values and experiences they're attracted to. In this video, you'll see some of the ways merit is responding to that feedback. Hello and thank you for taking this Kellogg's new employee orientation course. We're excited that you have chosen to join the Kellogg's family. Over the next few hours, you will learn about the benefits and expectations that come along with your new position. Click next to continue Meet David. David is a tax compliance manager at HSBC. David is a little worried because he just ran across an account with large cash deposits on a very short history with the bank. Fortunately, David took HSBC's voluntary Supplementary Compliance Training, which teaches the tools and tricks he needs in order to determine whether this account really is suspicious. With his knowledge and just a few clicks, David quickly ascertained that the client is a legitimate diamond dealer with a verified tax base, so the company isn't at any risk. Users must complete the course within 30 days on DH within the course duration, which is the current calendar year progresses saved at the end of each section so you can complete it at your own pace. Interactive exercises are customised for the major disciplines. Social services, education, law enforcement, child day care and medical are included.