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Video Game demo

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I'm afraid I'm gonna have to stop you right there. It isn't safe to move the specimen until our battery of testing is completed. But you have not come to our court for a social visit. What is your true purpose pilgrim? I hate to be like a critical Kathy over here or anything, but this hospital doesn't fill me with confidence. If the morgue can't even keep the skeletons from escaping. You think I'm mad now? I'm just warming up. Oh, you have found the life force of the forest? No, you must protect it. Aw gee, it was a bloodbath. I tell you, they got machete mac. Now we're down to what? Just hatchet hank. What's it take to keep a henchman these days. It has been quite the mystery for so long. Perhaps you will be the one to solve it and bring them back.