\"Stallone\" Talks About his Tulsa King Hit Series w Author Mitch Albom

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Well, with the Oscar nominations out, we thought that we might reach out to a former Oscar legend after all, Rocky did win Best Picture. Uh And now with the hit success of Tulsa King, why don't we welcome to the program, Sylvester Stallone. Hello, sir. Hey, yo, Big Nate. Hey, how's it hanging, bro? I guess it's hanging. Well, thank you. I can check but thank you for coming on. Oh, well, I mean, I can't be everywhere, everything all at once. But you know, with the big success to my show, Tulsa King, as you mentioned, I'm like back in the cell. You know what I mean? I always, you know, uh what's her name would say? Cardi B Yeah, I mean, yeah, that Tulsa King show has become very popular. Yeah. Who'd have thunk it? I mean, honestly, you know, when they told me I was going to play a New York gangster who gets sent to Tulsa, I was thinking, whoa, wait a minute, horse manure, horse manure. Yeah, that's as much as I knew about Tulsa. You know what I mean? Yeah, I mean, wait a second, wait, what was that about? Nothing. It's cathartic. For me. It's just, I got to do that every now and again I explode, you explode. You don't say Adrian? Yeah. Everybody thought it was a part of the movie Rocky, you know, but it's just something I do every now and again. But relieve the tension. What tension called it? A tick. It's from getting hit in the head like a million times and all the Rocky movies. That's all I hear. Yo, you try it, it hurts. I mean, I don't even like the fight for crying out. People would actually find that strange that Sylvester Stallone doesn't like to fight since you're always fighting in your movies. Yeah. Well, that's why they call it acting. Mitch, man. I'm so sorry. I can't control it. This, I'm trying real hard over. Well, we wanted to catch your thoughts on the Oscars seeing as you once, 11 of those for best picture. Yeah, I, uh, I remember that night. Yeah, I went toe to toe for about 20 minutes with Apollo Creed. No, with my blow dry. I couldn't get my hair to stay down, man. Of course, I had more hair back then. I mean, I still got a lot. It's just pasted on, you know what I mean? They say Motown. Yeah, I mean, all right. Any thoughts on those who got nominated this morning for the Oscars? Well, to be honest, I don't watch that many pictures no more, you know, back when I was winning the Oscars. There was some cool movies with a lot of, you know, hitting in them, or at least some shooting, you know, Rocky, the Godfather, Godfather to the other Godfather, whatever they called it. Godfather three. Is that what they're called? Yeah. But now, um, now they just have movies about people thinking a lot of talking a lot of that one a couple of years ago about that broad who lived in a camper and took a dump in a bucket. I mean, Mitch. Come on, Joe Biden says, you know who wants to see that? You know, yummy. They're saying that you feel me. Ain't that A K B? I know what you mean. We know what you mean. I was kind of open. Tulsa King will get the nomination. You know, Tulsa King is not a movie uh Dumb as I am. I know I realized that a little late though. Kind of disappointing. You know what I mean? Yeah, I mean, well, your fans are asking if there's gonna be another season of Tulsa King. Oh, yeah, sure. You know, when they get hit, they milk it like dolly the cow. You know, I just gotta find another pair of cowboy boots and another group of drug dealers to destroy and you know, then we'll start shooting again. Yippee ki yo bad guys. You really can't stop doing that, can you? I don't know. I never tried. It's cathartic. I told you, hey, you ever met my turtles? Cuff and Link? I remember Cuff and Link from the Rocky movie. Yeah, that's when I got them. But now it's like 40 years later, did you know turtles lived to be like 100 years old? Them freaking things are taking up half of my living room and they won't go on the little plastic island no more. So I gotta let them live in my hot tub. Okay. Why don't you turn them over to the animal authorities? Well, I could, but then who would I have to talk to? Yeah, you still talk to your turtles, doesn't everybody? Okay? I think we can wrap this up. Thank you for coming on with us, Mr Stallone. Anytime big Mitch, I'm a huge fan of all your work better. Really? Yeah. Your yard, work, your schoolwork, your homework. Creole kid. I see. I, I'm just messing with you. I don't read nothing. **** could I be a fan of your work? I'm just happy anybody's calling. You get to be my age. Even turtles. A good conversation. The title one is starting to stink Sylvester Stallone here with us on 7 60 WJR.