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after completing this module, you will be able to understand the novelty and intention of the DaPA care program. Describe each of the trials included in the Dapa Care program. CVR M. Diseases such as hypertension, A theragenics, Disl epidemiology, endothelial dysfunction, chronic inflammation and oxidative stress often share common pathologies and underlying disease processes which impact disease progression. Put patients at risk of comorbidities and cause widespread damage to the body's C. V. R. M. Systems lingo. One is a trans membrane protein expressed on both injured axons and oleg o den dro site precursor cells. Scientific and suggests that lingo one expressed on both types of cells blocks their interaction so that re myelin Nation cannot occur. F. H. Is a genetic condition that limits your body's natural ability to lower cholesterol levels. Based on your medical history. We've noticed that you are on quite a high dose of a powerful cholesterol medicine. Are we correct because F. H. Is a genetic condition. It's worth knowing whether or not you have it. For example, in the A. S. I. G. Algorithm and F. D. C over D. L. C. O. Greater than or equal to 1.8 indicates that the diffusion is reduced out of to lung volumes. An NT PRO BNP test is a great biomarker for right or left ventricular dysfunction. Ph is much more common in scleroderma patients than in the general population and an echo is our best screening test for ph