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Hot Wheels ID Games - Sportscaster - Commentator - Play by Play, aggressive, energetic, upbeat, announcer, high energy, hyper, play-by-play, believable, authentic, convincing, authoritative, alpha, intense, loud, excited, excitable, extreme, powerful, strong, eager,

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North American (Canadian-General) North American (General) North American (US West Coast - California, Portland)


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Welcome to the Hot wheels I. D. Games. The next evolution of racing. This is the fastest lap tournament. First up, your defending champion from the Street Beast, Shark Hammer. Shark Hammer is equipped with a fluid drive power plant. For a quiet and scary ride. Meck Speeder takes the lead with 1.63 seconds. King Shark Hammer go faster left lap. Oh no that's it. It's all over mach. Speeder wins with a time of 1.630 seconds. What a race. Let's take another look at the fastest lap tournament and now let's throw it to the winner's circle to celebrate our new fastest lap champion. Mock speeder congrats to mock speeder, you've earned your upgrades in the hot wheels I. D. App, Take that fastest lap into city mode. You are the top speed champion.