English Men at Sea

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This is a short of a Sea Captain who is annoyed of the presence of a rather obnoxious passenger. The short and voices are done personally.

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Young Adult (18-35)


British (England - Cockney, Estuary, East End) British (General)


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I We have been on C for it seems to be nigh on three days now the sea is rather torturers and horrendous has been passing a little vessel the meaner all around the ocean. Now, food is getting quite scarce because someone keeps eating everything. Well, at least a captain. The food here is mighty delicious. And I would love to have seconds. No, you've had enough. Now we have run out of other food in amount of free days. This is a five day expedition. Just get to the Americans And you've already eaten majority of our supplies. But it is Say, Captain, the eggs are the best I have ever eaten. It is amazing how many different recipes you met can make out of an egg. They say it is remarkable what man can do with an egg. You are annoying as ****. It has only been three days and we have run out of food, run out of wine. Everything we've hand is gone. And then you decided you wanted to use the map as some sort of newspaper as you were gallivanting in deciding to take a shower in the sea. Well, it was a rather sunny day. And I really wanted to stand out there. It was nice. I was taking a little dip in the ocean. As I was reading the map, I was trying to get a location of where we were. Yes, you did. And then you proceeded to junk the map in the water. But now we have nowhere to go. I have no idea where we are. Because the only place we have is the map. The only item that tells us where we are is now sunk in in ruin in the ocean. In you. Over here. Where did you get an egg? Where? I have kept it on me in my pocket, right here the entire time. And I say this egg is going to be rather than why would you break it? I am sick and tired of you, and you're damn eggs! So please stop. This is the end of the captain's knock