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when it comes right down to it engineers. Our creators. The word engineering itself comes from the latin and Jeannie um meaning cleverness. And that makes sense. Since you have to be clever if you're going to solve the problems that engineers face every day because things like robot vacuums, smart faucets and refrigerators that talk to you aren't going to invent themselves yet. I mean, they're gonna murder all of us soon enough, but until they do, let's look at what engineers do to keep us comfortable while we wait for the apocalypse. The boston tea party was an american political and mercantile protest by the sons of Liberty in boston massachusetts on december 16th 17 73 their target was the tea Act of May 10th of that year, which allowed the british east India company to sell tea from china in american colonies. This was supposed to convince the colonists to purchase company t on which the towns and duties were paid. Thus implicitly agreeing to accept Parliament's right of taxation. Hey tammy, How's your first week overhauling the warehouse team going? Do you have any questions? Actually? I do. Can I require that? My employees all have at least a high school diploma to work here. Well, given the nature of the work the warehouse team performs, I recommend that you not require applicants to have a high school diploma unless you can demonstrate the requirement is job related and with business necessity. So tread cautiously. There are lots and lots of colors in the world. But did you know that every color you see comes from just three. It's true. They're called primary colors and they are blue, red and yellow. These colors, plus black and white, blend in various combinations to make all the other colors. Sepsis associated A. K. I. Is related to four path a physiologic mechanisms, alterations of micro circulatory flow, inflammation, bio energetic adaptive response to injury and micro particles, alterations of micro circulation by sepsis, increased risk of shunting and develop regional renal hypo perfusion.