75th Anniversary of World War II Warbirds

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Audio which was subsequently placed over Work War II vintage video

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They are known as the greatest generation 75 years ago. They ushered in an era of peace after years of violence and war as we salute their service, we continue to keep their legacy alive. The skies above the massive battles they took part in were filled with warplanes and many of those surviving aircraft are still maintained and operational. To this day, they are known as the warbirds. They traveled thousands of miles to return to Pearl Harbor, flying across the United States and embarking on board the mighty Uss essex, a modern Navy warship bearing the namesake of the legendary aircraft carrier which fought in the pacific theater 75 years ago. They are more than just old planes. The warbirds still fly today because we won't let them be lost to the footnotes of history. We keep them flying to honor all those who fought shed their blood and die to ensure our freedom and the liberation of millions across the globe from tyranny. As we watch these aircraft take to the skies once again soaring above the pacific remember what they represent to the greatest generation. We salute your service and honor your hope on this day and forever.