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A few expainer and elearner samples. All clear and friendly, some with a bit of energy and attitude, but all of them professional. Great for brand videos, corporate explainers, B2B and more!

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This is based on a real call with a manager that uses monday dot com to run all their teams work. Okay. Class. Let's talk about the first of the key al gore and features the pure proof of stake consensus approach. Data innovation is accelerating at an exponential rate, but enterprises can't keep up rapid innovation and value extraction requires connecting your data to the outside world, which is risky, time consuming and costly to manage alone. Today, our technology driven an interconnected world allows us to understand more about a target audience than ever before. Imagine if every news article read featured a video, That's 127 billion articles per month reporting the news better mm liquid AI is already transforming the performance expectations of entire marketing frameworks for leading global brands. So is yours next? Uh huh. Yeah.