Don't let E-Marketing mistakes de-rail your business!

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This is a small mini podcast I created for a E-Marketing class in business school. It is less than 6 minutes long and is marketing based for businesses.

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Hello and welcome to E marketing's owl for topic podcast with Kale. The topic will be covering today is don't let digital marketing mistakes derail your business enjoy Hello and welcome to owl for a topic. The podcast with Kale Brereton. This is for Red River College E marketing. What we're going to be talking today about is an article from entrepreneur dot com. It was written by chris parties and the title of it. I hope I pronounced his last name right Fortius. Perhaps the title of it is don't let digital marketing mistakes derail your business. And the points that he talks on is how the modern tech world to begin with and then you'll never reach your goals if you don't set them. Oh man, I love it. I love that one, understand your target market and think like them. And then the next three are churn out content with a purpose. And lastly for the positives tracking R. O. I. Of your marketing efforts efforts and we'll finish off with what we have to watch out for from a negative, let's begin. So Chris Fortius is a high performance growth marketer and the first topic is modern tech world and he speaks about how technology is evolving so rapidly. And it's so true that as business owners or marketers we have to stay on top of the trends, we got to know what we're doing when it comes to digital marketing. We don't live in the 50s. We're never going back to those days ever. They're long gone. It's all about digital marketing now baby. So what he's saying is that it's not just digital marketing is not just important. It's critically important to a business. Don't get the a frame sign and put it out front. And also five people see it get google ads, get some good keywords, get some lockdown some good S. C. O. Get out there and get a few 1000 per day. Then his next point was you'll never reach your goals if you don't set them man. I love that. I'm a huge goal setter and I'm a goal achievers. So that just rings my bell. Setting up accounts for web pages and recklessly using keywords or S. C. O. Doesn't help anything if anything is going to screw up everything. Strategy and precision targeting of your target market is the way to go research your keywords like we learned in mimic social and mimic pro and uh stay on top of them. Uh So I actually let's get a little personal, I'll spend a few seconds ago on topic quick. I did that and mimic mimic pro. I bought every keyword I could afford and my roo I tanked but we're going to get into a few points uh in a few points about tracking campaign performance. And that was one of the things that saved my butt in the next round because I caught the trend. I paused the keywords, my return on investment when straight back up and I went to second place for return on investment which I am very happy about. Um So strategic and precision marketing of your target market is the way to go understand your target market. Think like them. If you don't understand uh your target market, they are not going to understand your business. The last thing you want to do is confuse your consumer. They feel dumb. They're not going to buy from you. If you understand them, they're going to understand you, they're going to buy your product or get your service churn out content with a purpose. The better they like your content, the more they will share it. And if that's what they're sharing, if you go viral and it doesn't support your brand, you just got a boatload of nothing because now you're gonna, what are you gonna have to do rebrand something that you didn't want to rebrand in the first place, you're gonna have to, you know, explain to the consumer why you shared that. Not a good idea at all. Stay on top of trends of you and your competition. This will help you out in the long run, be honest with yourself, your tactics and releasing content and what time you're doing it at. Don't be releasing christmas gift ideas in july lastly for the positives, Track your return on investment of your marketing efforts by tracking your roo I this will yield improvement, refine your S C. O keep track of your keywords and errors, understand the data that's a big one. Lastly do not set it and forget it. It's a bad habit that is very common according to digital marketers and anything that is worth doing and can bring rewards is worth the work. By following these tips, you can help maximize your return on investment to the max. This has been kale with owl four for a marketing Red River College. Bye bye. Thank you for joining us. This has been Kale Brereton for Red River College E. D. C. Owl for by far the best of them all. Keep them coming. Love the podcast. Thank you very much for your time. Music brought to you by kevin. MacLeod Song is upbeat forever available at film music dot IO.