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in this video, we'll be showing you how to use the Gift Co Cts rotate a software for this demonstration. Our example protocol will be a P BMC isolation and it assumes you've learned how to properly load and remove a single use kit on the system first. You'll want to turn on the instrument, you'll find the on off toggle switch on the back of the instrument, beside the power cord. Next you connect to the tablet and open the Gift Co Cts rotate a software to begin, you select and initiate the desired protocol so click, select a protocol, then browse and in this case will choose the P BMC isolation protocol. At this point, you want to check that the kid's bag setup matches the protocol to do this, refer to the image on the screen which shows the kit layout and prompts you to check that bag connections to the kit are done correctly. Once you've done that, select confirm and hit play on the instrument. Now for some interactive monitoring, you can access live feed by choosing the live video tab to look at the protocol steps during the run. Try hitting more steps below the list of steps shown on the right side of the screen. This is also where you can choose a step to start from or pick a single step to run. You can also check the real time centrifuge speed and flow rate besides simply monitoring things. The software's interactive control features also allow you to change centrifuge speed and flow rate. You can do this during the run on the tablet by either using the arrows or by typing in a specific value. You can also skip steps by hitting skip on the instrument. Once the protocol is complete, open the door and remove the kit.