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Fairbanks morse would like to introduce you to our mixed reality technology FM on board that allows us to remotely attend to your technical needs and directly interact with your assets and personnel from any location. We can instantly connect the appropriate technical resource to virtually provide live support. FM on board can read information from the engine control system so the technician can see important performance data. Just by looking at the engine, The technician opens the job board and select the job to remove, inspect and reinstall the timing chain. This launches the information window where he can access 3D models videos, see technical notes and follower constructions. All actions are hands free and presented directly in the technicians field of vision. Using FM on board, the technician can open a virtual support call with technical support. Right from the job site. FM on board gives you live support, work process automation, enhanced problem resolution, interactive technical documentation, institute training and parts identification. Fairbanks morse will help you increase your first time fix, reduce time and repairs and record evidence in line with your work. You will save money on mobilization of field service support while gaining access to all of Fairbanks morse is resources. Please contact us today to learn more.