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For more than 40 years, mothers against drunk driving MADD has served victims and survivors of drunk and drugged driving. We know far too well that drunk and drugged driving leads to life shattering tragedies that are 100% preventable during the pandemic more seriously and fatally injured drivers tested positive for drugs and drunk driving deaths increased by 9%. Despite fewer vehicle miles traveled, drunk and drugged driving crashes are rising at an alarming rate. Drug driving and poly drug driving, which refers to consuming multiple impairing substances, are a growing threat on America's roadways. 2020 data revealed 64% of seriously and fatally injured drivers tested at five major trauma centers had at least one impairing substance in their system, including alcohol, marijuana and medications like opioids, stimulants and antidepressants. A recent opinion survey conducted by Mad, also revealed about one in five surveyed have or know someone who has driven impaired by one or more impairing substances. The good news is 85% also said they would be very uncomfortable riding in a vehicle with someone who has recently consumed multiple impairing substances. We agree we need your help to stop these senseless and 100% preventable crimes. What you can do Talk to your medical provider about your medications and any interactions that could affect your driving, never drive after consuming impairing substances, always plan ahead and designate a non drinking non consuming driver. Remember drug driving in any form is a serious crime and it will take all of us to make our roadways safe