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This demo highlights my Industrial Narration abilities for Technical Explainer - Technical Training Internet Video for AES Wireless Radio .

It is Authoritative , Technical and Confident while still being very approachable , friendly , helpful and engaging while delivery dry material

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM) North American (US West Coast - California, Portland) North American (US Western)


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the new A s 71 77 hybrid 2.0 subscriber is here. Designed to start a new network where there is no radio frequency coverage. The hybrid can also be used to reduce local R F congestion and optimize existing network performance. The new subscriber includes many customer inspired features, such as dual functionality combining elements of the powerful Next Generation and Telenet 2.0 Fire subscriber with I P link capabilities. This allows it to act as a network bridge and deliver alarm communication messages. It can forward the R F traffic of its peers over an I P connection to the A s multi net receiver. When installed on the edges of an existing A ES private wireless network, the hybrid extends network coverage and communicates to all types of subscribers on the A S network. It further enhances your network by providing the capability to send an alarm from the customer premises to the central monitoring station via I p and to bridge mesh R F Pierce signals via I p. The E s hybrid reduces the number of hops through piers, reducing network congestion and saving time by providing the fastest transmission speed available. It's robust. Features include the 7794 a a ES and tell a pro full data module i p link capabilities and uses multiple communication technologies to support robust alarm delivery. WiFi Internet Connective ity comes standard with a ES and tell a pro F A, C, P A and WiFi included. The hybrid eliminates the need to order additional communication adapters. The new A ES hybrid makes it simple for network owners and operators. To choose from multiple configuration options, start a new network with a pair of hybrid subscribers for, AH, hybrid subscriber only configuration. Reduce congestion and optimize your network health by installing a pair of hybrid subscribers in areas where there's only distant I p link access. Expand an existing network in areas that have no I p link access with a pair of hybrid subscribers. The hybrid is available in either eight isolated dry contact zones or four isolated dry contact zones and four isolated reverse polarity zone models. One dry contact zone is reserved for the tamper switch more than what comes in the box. We're here to protect you and your bottom line with high quality products and support services. The new A s 71 77 hybrid provides our customer partners with a revenue generating piece of infrastructure that is UL approved and in FP, a code compliant. To find out more about the features and benefits of the new A ES hybrid, please visit www dot e s Dash Corp dot com or contact your local A s sales representative at sales at E s Dash Corp dot com.