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by optics for 04 p i at by optics we are focused on helping our customers be successful. Let's start with the Global Auto Zero feature. A global auto zero can be set in your sensor graham in real time or post experiment analysis. The first step is to remove all auto zeros previously said in the protocol. Do this by pressing F 12 Press the UN's zoom all button to re center. The sensor graham. We will determine the amount of lag into mobilized on our chips surface as an example. Use of the global auto zero hovering the mouse over the sensor. Graham will identify the injection step. Zoom in on the E. D. C. NHS activation lag in demobilization, blocking and wait buffers steps of the sensor ground. Place your mouse on the sensor graham between the activation and load LaGon steps. This is where we will place our global auto zero once you have the proper location. Press F nine. The red line that appears indicates the position of the Global auto zero. The line could be relocated by clicking and dragging it to the left or right with your mouse