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This is my animation demo.

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So one thing I've been reading about is how sometimes when a princess kisses an ugly frog, the frog turns into a handsome prince better than being an ugly frog. That's for sure. Hey, what's wrong with being a frog? I'm not ugly at all Dempsey. Listen, look at me, we're gonna get you out of here. Okay, Don't look at me like that. You're gonna be okay, but I need you to stay with me here. Where's the damn Medic motet is a type of delicious yet. Tell a puffer fish. That is a delicacy here in Masaka. However, if preparing correctly, the poison will have the customer dead within an hour. In essence, Jase that is bad. But maybe if we close down, I can finally get some time off to go to Disney World Lecter. Come look at this. I think you're gonna love it. It's a pile of rocks. So this one is a wet rock. This one is a dry rock. And this one, this one is an almost dry rock. Oh and this one is Dwayne Johnson, forgive me father for I have sinned. I'm an average joe named joe and I steal people's belly button lint when they're not looking and I knit with it. Alright guys, he may be powerful, but we're stronger. We need to work together on this as a team. Nothing can stop us. Let's do it. Ah this will indeed be most excellent. When I set this plan in motion, I will have finally created the ultimate weapon. A monster with no weakness except it can't swim. Note to self keep monster away from water.