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Clientele: Croma electronics, HDFC Bank, Crompton, Microsoft Office, Pidilite, Edelweiss, ICICI Home Loans, Ernst & Young, Capgemini and many more.

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Bangladesh, India (Bengali), Indian (India), Pakistani


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hi and welcome to this e learning module on attention to detail. Attention to detail is a key competency for any working professional, especially at Roma. It is an expected way of working beat any given profile to be able to deliver work of high quality and ensure error free outputs. My name is Nisha, and together we will explore this important skill. I'm Rhea, and I will be your guide for the scores. In this course, we will deal with concepts related to rules, regulations, process, customer acceptance policy and ****. Come, let's begin. Let us take an overview of a few things that you must follow and a few things you must avoid while you are employed with Crompton, your password is your first line of it. Security. Be wise and avoid common or easily decibel passwords. Keep it personal. Don't discuss, reveal or share your password with anyone. Reach out to us when you see anything suspicious in your mailbox. Eight. Calculator overview. Our focus of this session is to understand the calculation of age and date. Using the date time formulas. Let's get an overview of the functions and understand how it works. Let's understand mortars normalisation and why we do normalisation. Probably that would answer your question in performance management scoring tendencies of reviewers very significantly. That's why the process of normalisation helps in balancing these extreme variations of reviewers. Industrial Products Division is one of the major growth engines of pity Light. We deal with technology and industrial applications. Technical know how is the heart and soul of our marketing efforts? The e Learning Initiative of division is a step ahead in making technology and products clear and easy to understand with em mode echo cardiogram fee any minute errors in measurement can lead to errors in mass and volume estimation. Let's now learn about PMS at Edl Wise. F C M P L Part of Idolised Group is a company incorporated on July 21st 2009 under the Companies Act 1956. Hi, I'm Sunita Verma. I work as a senior H R executive at Malabar Engineering consultancy Private Limited. I have been working for three years and I'm planning to buy a house of my own, but I am not sure how to go ahead with loan request. Bribery is a very serious matter and can have significant consequences including investigation, prosecution, fines and imprisonment. Even the perception of improper behaviour can cause severe reputational damage. E y takes bribery seriously and ensures that not only employees but vendors also follow its anti bribery global policy.