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Chakra Workout: The Zikr or Sufi Mantra

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Creating an audio for such books really helps the learners who wish to focus and meditate while listening, hence I chose these two paragraphs out of the book

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the Sophie mantras or zika consists of repetitive chanting of one of the muslim names of God. The most commonly used secret is Nyla linda, meaning there is no God but God. This speaker is a reputation of the negative phrase la la ha or there is no God followed by the affirmative phrase shillelagh or but God according to tradition, the negative desire is replaced with the positive love of God. Our interpretation of love of God here is a connection with pure existence. The whirling their wishes traditionally repeat as eager as they turn, allowing their consciousness to lose itself in the mantra. It is difficult, however, for the beginner to repeat the zika and world simultaneously. An appropriate way to use. The traditional technique is for someone else to be chanting the cycle as you were. This can be a friend, present as you were. Or you might consider taping a session of chanting with the musical background to produce a tape to play while you work.