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Young Adult (18-35)


British, England - London (Cockney, Estuary, East End), England - Yorkshire & Humber, Scottish


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I remember a time before they emerged. We denied them their chance for control. By destroying our own civilisation. We will win this war. We have to eyes that said, I guess so. Well, sure could do with a light dusting. Let's just stick to the task in on Joey. You think there's anyone here? My guess is they're just singing in the car about 10 miles away. They're long gone. Well, last ashamed. I was looking forward to it. We catch up. So what? No, wait, wait. Why? For further instructions. Did the boss no thinking? Tell me all the instructions before we left. One step at a time way Have an old saying in Scotland. Stupid worm gets shot in the face. Quiet. I think it's something like that. And I got lost that wee bit through the generations. I guess there's someone there. Who is this? You know what time it is? Slow down. Slow down, Frank. Frank. Icon! You hit someone? That what you're telling me? Oh, God. Are you drunk? Well, where is he now? You didn't. Please. No. Tell me you didn't. You realise that? All right. All right. Look, I need you to move swiftly. The cops work hidden run cases fast and heart making way uptown. I'll send you the coordinates. I'll have someone meet you there. Hey, Frank. This is the last time Walem men undergo rolling. Tio. What we hear? You look a little worse for wear, my friend. You must be in quite the journey. I would still clear of here if I were you. Time's a changing. Yes. That's quite a bounty, I lads, No, I with you. We're homeward bound from the optics. Yeah.