Matt Drayton - Commercial Demo Reel

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A diverse compilation of radio and TV commercial spots. Includes reads from scripts for McDonalds, NFL, Diapers Dot Com, Kroger, Hardees and Russell Athletic.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM) US African American


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a little slab of heaven, the one and only McDonald's McRib. More deliciousness to love For millions of baby boomers, there's a virus out there that hasn't been talked about much. That's been almost for gotten its hepatitis C. Are you a man? Do you like a made from scratch Buttermilk biscuit for breakfast? Because the country fried steak and gravy biscuit is for only the most man tactically, battle tested breakfast barbarians out there. There's no creature in the world more needy than a human baby. That's what inspired diapers dot com. You take care of the parenting, we'll take care of you. For us, grilling is an art. Great food, low prices at Kroger. Anything less? You're just playing with fire. It was a crisp fall evening, yet something was missing in riding Arrington's life that something was NFL. Now, with the determination of a runaway train, Rodney started watching NFL now. Suddenly, he wasn't just run. He was the oracle of rocket goodness. Never tasted disgrace. New hostess muffins, Nutritious meets, delicious Dear seniors. Many of you will never put on a jersey again, never walk out onto the field, look up into the stands and feel a whole town behind you. I know it hurts football does