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delivering the goods from sender receiver in a way no one else can to places no one else goes through a channel that no one else has. That's our business. And that's your postal service. Were the original social now friending millions 150 million addresses and growing, and we're the only one doing it in person, face to face. So much good comes from sitting down to a male with people we love. We reach out to friends, family and those in need, and we're all the better for give thanks this day for family, for friends, for good food, for stories that get better with age and for the time we have to gather around a table with the people we love. Jobs, health care, education thing, environment, national security, thes air, things that affect all Americans, Which is why all Americans should vote, exercise your right vote. Gospel is indispensable, integral, intrinsic and imperative. And that's just the beginning. The gospel must be the motivation for our motivation, the inspiration for our inspiration, content of our content, the passion for our purpose and the purpose of our passion