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Cartoon Aged Aloof Animated Authoritative Awkward Ditzy Dynamic Energetic Engaging Sinister Friendly Shy Slow Paced Fast Paced High Energy Low Energy Engaging Charismatic Her Action Star Aristocrat Child Host/Interviewer Smoker Gravelly Rugged Michael Bryan England RP Received Pronunciation GenAm General American Deep South

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Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


British (Received Pronunciation - RP, BBC) North American (US General American - GenAM) North American (US South)


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Hi, I'm your host, Michael Brian, leading today's meeting of no hope for the hopeless. Let's go around the circle and everyone say your name and your one hopeless dream. You're the do mauler. My father told me I would rule the world, but I really just want to go to clown school and entertain Children. Clap. I just want to be taken seriously by the Americans in the embassy or Hello, My name's Jake Akerson. An old boy. Would I just love to get out of Minnesota Women. Nine names. Mickey McIntyre, Am I? My one true dream is to move mountains with my with with with with words. Be interest Johnston. My dream is for my son, Jeremy to get a girl and get out The name's Rick. I want you to come with me, darling. We'll see the world, and I'll treat you questionably to modern audiences. My name's Donald sick, and I really just want to know how you make rocks into candy I've been trying so hard with No, I've only got five teeth left. Do. My name is Travis and my one true dreams that catch the gila way up. I'm sorry. What? Travis catch the killer wave rope weight. Aim high, Travis. The name is hero MK lead, and my one true dream is to not find myself in danger one day. I'm kidding. I live for it. Um, hi. My name's Tiffany, and I just want Oh, God, it's just so hard to look at. But I just want Michael to never wear that shirt again. Promise me I am No. One under the God's eyes. My hopeless dream is to one day be someone under the God's eyes. My name is Daniel Jacks, and I just want people to appreciate my Tennessee whiskey. I'm Drill Sergeant Cloud and my hope his dream is to be able to talk without stopping every three words. Oh, isn't me. I find scored and I just want people to stop asking. You find this Smurf. It's kind of racist. Hi, I'm all the end. Um, I want Melissa Patrick's to play D and D with us sometime. I knew she'd like me after she met my Level 16 chaotic good warrior