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My second longer demo reel featuring 3 of the characters from my short one plus 2 new ones who are all very funny! For Cartoons/animation, Video games, Advertisements and anything really.

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Young Adult (18-35)


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updo. PTO I'm walking the work La la la la la loo kuhs Freddy, You Thank you. Yeah, when the roof or got stuck up here in the letter. But I was stupid. How did you get up there in the first place? Really Good. Really. Lift up. But Billy, Billy's here. Hey, Lucas. Billy, What do you come from over there, my boy. Hey, Freddy. Having fun? It's not a spear from appear. Freddie. Shut up, Billy Point. Did you encourage him? You know he's an idiot. It's funny. It's not. Maybe for you. It's not Billy, you're killing me. Just promise me that you won't go up there. OK? I promise. Good. What's going on here on? Oh, no. Hello, Lukey boy. Hey, Alice. Uh, Lukey. You know, it's Alice Stall Hall. Like the saw. I, um I'm not calling you that. You will one day. Hi, Mr Stoll. Oh, ho. Friday, boy, What are you, a little Billy boy during upon the roof? Uh, you know, just hanging sounds in johnson. No, no, it doesn't. Hey, wait, Billy. You promised me you wouldn't go on the roof. I had my fingers crossed. It is true. He dude Ah, you two are driving me up the wall. Okay, I'm going to ask around for a ladder. A weight? Is that an officer? Hey, Officer, over here. Hello? Hello. What? You understood? Finally, some real help. Hello, Officer. Our little friends there are playing on the roof. Isn't it cute? No, no, it's not cute. A less noise. That is nice to see you've playing outside instead of morn error. Game machines. No, it's not nice, Officer. They're not playing best stuck. True boys. Not true. Oh, I also Joan is Mae Freddie. Oh, hey, Freddy four recognised you from somewhere. You know Freddy? Yeah. We're seeing old Tom out in a station in this little scum gets no conscious trouble. Why am I not surprised? Because you got me in trouble more than I should have, Teo. Well, uh, if you know See you, Freddy. I've got to go for Mr Joan. Wait. No. What about getting him down? What we look like to you? Some kind of monkey? That's what my wife said. Anyway, uh, no officer, may I come with you? I'm a big girl coming up where I play a ghost. Constable, I would love to get some experience. Really? Police car. Oh, sure. Why? No game. A car. Oh, happy day. Thanks. Thanks for your help, Officer. Thanks a lot. Don't sass me, young man Having fun down there? Billy, I'm not in the mood right now. He so I don't have his helps. But there's a window on this side of the roof on that. I used it to get up here when you were talking. What? Why didn't. Okay, let me come up from the inside from me. Two keys, Freddy. Yeah, It's kind of already open. Oh, yeah, I forgot about that. Weirdo. You have got to be kidding me. He going? Freddy, let's go play on our game machines, okay? I don't get paid enough for this, okay?