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This one has 4 of my many character voices, all of whom are involved in a very funny story where one character is stuck on the roof of his house. I feel these four voices show of my range and tone very well. (For cartoons, video games, or anything really that suits my style.)

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Young Adult (18-35)


British (General)


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Uh um, Just testing out the mike. Okay. Do be Tapio market in my house because, huh? What? Freddie, is that you? A pair You stuck on the roof? Well, it's stupid hurting cab fare. But remember, you're an idiot. Hey, Lucas. Billy, don't scare me like that. No promises, right? Hey, Freddy, having fun up there? Yeah, it's almost view from up here. It's a nice view until you fall off and die. That would be fun to watch. No, no, Bad Billy. He was poor chap. Coming A pirate ship. You see a pirate ship? I doubt you see a pirate ship. You are what? The actual Hori Milan lovers. I'd be cabin banana boobs and I were looking for a landlubber by the name of Freddie. Oh, he's the one on the roof. Yeah, Hard Aires bloodies her. That's this guy who stole my stretcher. Oh, are No, I didn't bringing my board. May tease will send him today. We Jones locker. Lucas boo dio What was weird? Do you know what else is weird? What? The fact you only have £10 in your wife. Billy. Give me back my wallet by Lucas by I hate you, Billy