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Okay, guys, If we're gonna defeat the evil Senate Kwan leader than we've gotta stick together. Sky Force team in Unites Hamstring the whole kit. See? Animal Kingdom. But you wouldn't want to **** me thing is Timothy Edinburgh. Not my father in the studio watching and listening. You say the odds are against us. You say there's no way we can win. Let me tell you what hardball says. If you can't beat him, it's me. My name is Neo and I'm so excited of joining the fast track steam Trent, I am so ready to roll. It spans fault. Little stable. Brad. Embarrassed. Made you look like a fool. What would you old man see? Oh, man, you want to hit the waves? I'm thinking about checking out Lost and beach later, man, If you really want challenge, have received orders from the narration court Direct orders from my father After the start of the race, I am too eliminate you. The sun shines like the stars which are bright tonight in your eyes Tonight it's a pretty righteous poem But maybe it would be better as a song Sun shines in The stars are bray in your eyes night and singing No, my time to go