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Spiritual and Meditative: Authentic , Believable , Calming , Confident , Friendly , Informative , Instructional , Religious , Resonant , Soothing , Warm

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have you heard of the four Spiritually laws? God loves you and offers a wonderful plan for your life. However, why is it that most people are not experiencing the abundant life? Man is sinful and separated from God. Therefore he cannot know and experience God's love and plan for his life. Lord, the times are so evil now that those who open their mouths and speak out for you who even speak out for basic decency are shot it down. Sometimes they're threatened, and sometimes they're sued. Your enemies have never been so many or so brazen. Some of them seemed filled with the very fire of ****. This guided sleep relax ation script will help you to fall into a deep rest ful sleep. Begin by lying on your back with your hands on your thighs or at your sides. Sit still with a straight spine. Cover up your fidgety eyeballs with the sheets of your eyelids. Oldham still then loose in your mind from the consciousness of body weight. Relax the nerves strings that are attached to the heavy muscles and bones of your body. Acknowledge who you are. Do you know who you really are? Acknowledging yourself is one of the most crucial, if not the most important elements of life's growth. If you're serious about pursuing your destiny, you absolutely need to understand who you are. Natasha Heavy is one of the greatest tour luminaries of our time, a great sage, a great teacher not only to his Cassie them but to thousands of Jews all over the world. The idea is joy. When was the last time you felt really joy that down to your toes tingle bigger than contentment? More intense than happiness? It's a feeling so vast it almost overwhelms you. And however fleeting joy is the ultimate expression of gratitude and appreciation. Almighty Father, if it is your holy Will that we shall obtain a place and name among the nations of the Earth grant that we may be enabled to show our gratitude for your goodness by our endeavors to fear and obey you toe wife of camera Nia stand in front of Kaba, facing the Blackstone in such a way that the whole Blackstone is on your right side. To achieve this end, you may get help from the black stripe on the floor and the green tube light. Both will be on your right side. Then, without raising your hands, make intention for camera