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This demo is of a non-fiction audiobook on non-fungible tokens (NFTs). It is presented in a calm conversational tone intended to inform and educate the listener.

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I was too young to take advantage of the birth of the internet and if you're like me, you thought to yourself, I wonder how my life would be different if I were an early adopter or an innovator of the internet and dot com boom. I always felt like I was out of luck having missed that opportunity until now. I believe that ignoring N. F. T. S. And the metaverse will be one of the most expensive decisions you can make this decade moreover, I think the metaverse and N. F. T. S. Offer an opportunity as big as the internet in its infancy, but why does that matter? And how exactly are you supposed to take advantage of this confusing space if no one can even articulate what an N. F. T. Actually is? Those were my thoughts exactly when I first heard all the buzz about these non fungible tokens, N. F. T. S. And how the industry has blown up to be worth over $40 billion in seemingly no time I started out skeptical and confused and when I began my attempts at trying to wrap my mind around how it makes any sense to be buying je pegs for obscene amounts of money, I discovered that most people involved in this space had little to no clue of what they were actually engaged in or were just terrible at explaining it to me. In fact, you've likely been lied to about the N. F. T. Space. People may have put the idea in your head that N. F. T. S. Are just digital art scams worthless or just for fun. These ideas are simply untrue. And in this book I'll prove it. I spent many months smelling this N. F. T. Opportunity without a clear path to take advantage of it myself because it was all so confusing. Fortunately I'm a gifted learner and able to take in synthesize and simplify information. As I began to understand the N. F. T. Space more intimately, I quickly found that I am also a gifted teacher who was one of the few able to put N. F. T. S in plain english and give clear guidance to thousands of people on getting started themselves have condensed what I've learned and what I teach into the N. F. T. Equation.