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meet the new Degreed, the Up Skilling platform that connects learning and skills toe opportunities so you can put to work the skills your people have today and get to work building the skills your business needs to take on tomorrow. Let's start by building a better learning experience for your workforce. This means getting all of your learning content, data teams and now projects and job listings aggregated and integrated in one easy to access place. Guide your people to the right resource is through curated plans and pathways, while data science and machine learning personalizes their development in sync with their own interests, roles and skills, providing a simpler way to discover and access everything they need to grow their careers and your mission critical capabilities. Next Degreed makes learning a part of how your people work together without adding more work to anyone's plate. Capturing learning right in the flow of work is seamless, with our browser extension and mobile app sharing and social groups allow teams to crowd source expertise from one another and degrees. Powerful analytics give you a full view in tow. All the learning and development that's happening now that your people are up Skilling. Together they're generating aton of data data that powers the degreed skills engine so you can always know the supply and demand of skills within your workforce and how to bridge the gap between the two. By assessing capabilities with our suite of skill measurement tools and strategically aligning them to your business, you can connect your people and their skills to in demand projects and opportunities. Finally putting a why toe all that Ellen de With a new degreed, you can give your people the learning they want today and build the skills your business needs for tomorrow.