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Welcome to your online community. Let's jump right in. You may be hesitant to log in, since you've gone to the trouble of logging in creating a profile and getting all set up in online communities in the past. Just to find out the most recent content is older than the original iPhone. I wouldn't go back, either. You are making toast. When your toaster sparks and catches fire, you rack your brain. You're sure your parents have walked you through what to do in this situation before you can't remember what they said. The urgency of the burning toaster means you need to figure out a solution. Now what do you do? Flooding is the most common natural disaster in the US, and it can happen in all 50 states, so it's important to know a few basics. If you experience a flood at home, move anything valuable to upper floors or upper shelves and store in plastic containers. Stay where you are unless you're ordered to evacuate, then do it quickly. Many key advancements will occur in the processing phase, which is all about taking source data and turning it into models that serve the mission and high detail. Three D models are only the beginning. In this video, we'll see how classifications, segmentation and model ization will make three D models even more useful for small unit decision makers.