Audiobook - Fiction - Zombies - Series - 3rd Person - Storytelling



An excerpt from the series Zombies!

Audiobook - Fiction - Zombies - Series - 3rd Person - Storytelling

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this is from zombies. Hold the line written by RS merit. Let's go Kyler, you go ahead and follow him. Make sure you know where our stuff is, we'll be up right behind you, randy said Skyler nodded and took the stairs. Two at a time after the deputy kelly and randy spent a minute getting Doreen calmed down and everyone together there was nothing to take with them. So they were moving up the stairs moments after Kyler disappeared through the door above, at the top of the stairs, they followed Kyler into a back room where all their confiscated gear had been shoved in large clear plastic bins. The deputy told them they were expected to be out of the town by the end of the day, then left them alone with their gear. He looked like he was going to warn them against using their weapons within city limits. They already knew the town ordinance on making noise but the rocket attack had pretty much negated that worry for the day. Any noise they added after all, that would be negligible. They threw their clothes on and then strapped on their weapons. Less than 10 minutes after the deputy had opened the door to the basement, they were armed and ready to roll out. They just needed to figure out where they were rolling out to. We should hit the woods and head north. The zombies will be coming in on the roads. Kyler said he was feeling much more confident now that he had the comfortable weight of his weapons hanging off him again. Works for me said randy, let's get the **** out of here before the zombies start showing up.